Wedding ceremony

 There is very little to influence the path of a couple the way a wedding does -

it's your "Yes" - THE "Yes" to a marriage and to a life shared with each other.


Wedding ceremonies couldn't be any more diverse nowadays and humanist weddings give you the opportunity to shape your day completely individual. 


Getting to know you as a couple and your stories, learning how and why you feel the way you do, inspires me for your personal wedding speech. 


We will meet and speack at least twice all together and then meet for individual conversations. This makes a big part of the speech and process as I want to know, why you fell in love with each other and that's normally easier told without your significant other listening in.


Bilingual weddings

I am happy to create bilingual humanist weddings, to connect the cultures and different families. I can offer english, french and of course, german.

Wedding vows

You want to recite a vow to your beloved one but you don't know how to start?

I will help you and support you to find your words.

Travel & Costs

I do travel a lot and there is no place where I won't come to. The costs depend on the journey and time.